Knitted Wire Mesh Demister Pads


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Product Specifications

Wire Mesh Demister Pads are used to filter and separate liquids and solids. They are made from knitted mesh fabric and have a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, food processing industry and more.
The knitted mesh structure and structure of the Demister Pad allows the it to have a high efficiency, low resistance and very good filtration performance. The mesh size, porosity and thickness can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The Demister Pad is also corrosion resistant and has a long life span.

The product specifications of Knitted Mesh Demister Pads typically include length, width, thickness and mesh size. The pad can be made from various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and plastic. The sizes range from 0.4mm to 3.0mm in thickness, depending on the application.

Knitted Mesh Demister Pads are widely used in oil and gas industry for separation and recovery of entrapped droplets and dust particles from gas streams. They are also commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries for cryogenic air separation, distillation columns and other processes. In the food and beverage industry, demister pads are used to separate and remove small solid particles from liquid products.

In terms of installation and maintenance, Knitted Mesh Demister Pads need to be properly assembled and installed with support structures. They should be inspected regularly and all worn out or damaged parts must be replaced immediately. Proper maintenance and cleaning are also essential in order to ensure the paddings work efficiently and last longer.