GN101 GN201 Transparent PVB Interlayer Film


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Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials is China PVB Films Manufacturers and OEM PVB Films factory. our company is committed to building a composite functional film, PVB double glass photovoltaic module application demonstration, and promotion base, and a PVB research institute, forming a marketing center, industry conference center, product display, and a PVB composite functional film and photovoltaic product manufacturing base. Traditional double glass module package: EVA+EVA, EVA+POE, POE+POE. Jiaxing Fuying double glass module package: PVB+PVB. We offer wholesale PVB Film for you and promote the products to the world.

Decent’s PVB production of automotive laminated glass is widely used in cars, buses, and high-speed rail, versatility not only has anti-penetration and anti-splash and other safety performance and it can play comfort, security, and other effects. And on this basis, it can further improve the added value, with a quiet space to maintain the sound insulation and it can inhibit the internal temperature of the heat insulation and so on.