Disposable Scrub Pants


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Available in a variety of styles, Disposable Scrub uniforms are made with synthetic materials such as polypropylene and rubber. They are sanitary and durable making them ideal for use by medical professionals. Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve styles, most disposable scrubs are machine washable. Made to fit a variety of sizes, Disposable Scrub uniforms allow patients to get back to work and do what they need to do while helping others. The uniform's comfort level and ease of use make them a popular choice with medical personnel.
Disposable Scrub pants are created to be used on patients in hospitals and clinics. Available in long and short sleeves, these pants are also machine washable. Made from a range of synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polypropylene, these pants feature an absorbent core to provide comfort and prevent leakage during activity. Elastic waistbands ensure that your pants stay in place and elasticized waistbands provide a snug fit so your body heat will be retained. Elastic waistbands also prevent the loss of fluid during sweating and can help to maintain the correct body temperature.

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