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Product Specifications

Chemical name: Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene; HPCTP; Phenoxycyclotriphosphazene
CAS No.:1184-10-7
Molecular formular:C36H30N3O6P3
Molecular weight:693.57
Molecular structure

Appearance: White crystal
Melting point,℃:110-112
Volatility, %: ≤0.5
Assay, %: ≥99.0
Ash, %: ≤0.05
Chloride content, mg/L ≤20.0

It is additive flame retardant. It is mainly used in PC and PC/ABS resins, PPO, nylon etc. It has good flame retardancy for epoxy resin. It can be used to make EMC for IC Packaging and its flame retardancy is better than Brominated flame retardant. It can reach UL-94V0 grade. Oxygen index can reach 33.1% when it is used in Benzoxazine Resin glass cloth laminate. If the HPCPZ mass fraction is 10%, the scale of burning could reach V-0 grade and the parallel breakdown voltage is 47KV. When it is used in Polythene, the LOI of final flame retardancy polythene can reach 30-33. After used in viscose spinning solution, we can get the flame retardant viscose fiber with oxygen index 25.3-26.7. If the added amount is 12% in PC/ ABS, it can pass the UL-94 V0 test. It also can be used in LED, powder coating, potting material and polymers.

1、The main structure of HPCTP is P & N. This structure is very stable and it is halogen free product. After burning, it will not produce smog secondary disaster.
2、The thermal stability of this product is very strong. It can endure high temperature above 250℃ in long time and it also can endure very low temperature. After using the HPCTP, the PC has great water proof, Oil proof and will not be eroded by organic solvent.
3、Flame retardance is good and the dosage of this product is very little, only 50% than BDP and RDP, the normally dosage is 8-10% but the flame retardancy can reach FV-0.
4、Due to the stable structure and very little dosage, the quality of final product will not change.
5、The appearance of HPCTP is white crystal, and it no need to heat before using. It can be easily packing and delivery.