Octagonal Compass Shell Earrings


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We are a professional manufacturer and have been doing business in this field for more than 10 years, with a good reputation and many regular customers all over the world. We have many earrings in stock and accept OEM.

This product is made with the design of octa-star, which realizes the effect of fashionable new accessories walking among people, not to show the face but to show the charm. Wearing this product can not only show fashion, enhance the charm, to please themselves, but also to meet that better him. Ear pins are made of s925 silver needles to create a bright texture, light and not cumbersome. The technology of electroplating achieves color preservation treatment, the color is more durable and not easy to lose color. Simple octagonal compass, is full of trust, is a steady happiness, others can not take away, and can not erase the sense of achievement. Wish you happiness and prosperity.

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