Coil Roofing Nails


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Product Specifications

Coil Roofing Nails(Flat Or Conical Collated Nails Coil)

Coil roofing nails can be smooth nails, ring nails, screw nails according to shank types. Also written as collated nails. Usually welded twice into coils at 15 or 16 angle degree for easy and continuous operation in roofing works. Collated wire nails are the preferred fasteners for most crating and pallet siding and fencing applications. Using coil nails allow the operator to hold more nails in the nailing gun and reduce reloading time.
The nails come in all forms of vinyl coated and galvanized finish, as well as deformed shanks with varying holding power such as smooth, screw and ring.

The pints can be diamond point (DP), common round point (CP) and FP (flat point). Collated steel nails can be divided into conical coils and flat coils.

We manufacture and export all kinds of Coil Roofing Nails, the surface treatments can be bright, electro galvanized, or V. C. coating.Details are as follows:

Galvanized Pallet Roofing Coil Nail Screw Coil Nails:
Length:10mm-200mm; Shank Diameter(mm):0.90-6.50.

304 Grade SS Coil Roofing Nails, Diameter: 0.120'', Length: 3/4'' to 1-3/4'', Head: 3/8''
Shank: Smooth or Ring Shank.

Galvanized Roofing Nails in Bulk, Zink coated
5kg or 25kg boxes

Supplied in 15 Degree Collated Coil Nails Styles:

15 degree coating coil nails hot dipped galvanized coil nails

Technical Information:
Shank types: Smooth shank and twisted shank
Application: Umbrella head ring shank HDG nails are widely suitable for the houses in tropical areas and the installation of roofing sheets.

Coil nails:
2.5x40 / 2.5x45 / 2.1x45 / 2.5x50 / 2.1x55 / 2.5x55 / 2.5x60 / 2.8x60 / 2.5x65 / 2.5x70 / 2.8x80 / 2.8x85 / 2.8x90 / 3.1x100 / smooth ,screw and ring.

Coil roofing nail and coil common nails are supplied in zinc coating and color paint.
Product Serial No.:
Model: 1",1-1/4",1-1/2",1-3/4"
Technical Standards:
Shank Diameter(in):0.120 inch; or in metric system 3mm-4mm
Package description: Coil/CTN:60