Polyester white silk yarn


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Production Capacity
100 Tons / Month
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T

Product Specifications

clothing fabrics and chemical fiber raw materials and introduced more than 300 sets of machines including international production equipment, jet loom, and FAST imported rapier loom and supporting pro
DTY :DRAW TEXTURED YARN, full name: the DRAW TEXTURED YARN. DTY is the use of POY to do the original wire, stretch and false twist deformation processing, tend to exhibit a degree of elasticity and contractility.


Plain weaving—water spray, air spray, rapier, jacquard ...;

Knitting—weft knitting, warp knitting ...;

Bullion cord-empty wrap, machine wrap...;

Knitting—knitting socks, webbing ...

twisting-strong twist, medium twist ...;

Finished products:

Suitable for making clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilts, bedspreads, mosquito nets) and decorative items (such as curtain fabrics, sofa fabric, wall covering fabric, automotive interior fabrics), outdoor products (tent fabrics, bags fabric), etc.

Specifications: 75D-360D