Plastic Insect Screen


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Product Specifications

We are manufacturer and exporter of plastic insect screen products made from plastic, PP, PE, fiberglass mesh fabrics. For Japan and some other markets, we also supply stainless steel mesh fabric for insect screening, offering additional security and anti theft property. Insect screen is also popularly called Mosquito screen or netting, as mosquito is one of the major insects where the screen meshes are used to control.

Plastic insect screen is a kind of weatherproof fabric for mosquito and insect control, installed on Plastic or aluminum window frame.

Plastic Insect Screen offering following features:
Effective insect control: Our plastic mesh fabric has various small hole, uniform opening, hard for insects, bugs, flies to pass.
Easily fixed and removed: Our plastic insect screen is made in standard or customized size, for quick installation, changing, removing.
Sun-shade, uv proof: The pp, plastic, or fiber glass materials is uv treated for exposure in sun light applications.
Anti aging, anti rusting: PP or plastic can be used for a long time.and rust.
Good ventilation: Open mesh controls the insects and flies while allowing fresh air flowing.
Easy Cleaning: The plastic insect screen fabric is water proof, easy for cleaning.
Healthy: Our plastic insect netting is made of 100% high quality new material, environmental friendly, no smell, good for health.
DIY and customized size available to suit individual uses.
Safety and security: The fire resistant mesh material is safe to use, with high tensile strength. Stainless steel mesh insect screen is suggested for security purpose.
Privacy: The insect screen can protect your privacy while bring shade, keeping insects and flies out. Retractable insect screen is suggested for better effects.

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