XIONGGU A-800 Automatic Pipeline Internal Welding Machine


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5 Sets / Month
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Product Specifications

Wire diameterΦ0.8mm~Φ1.0mm
Travelling speed0~900(mm/s)
Function: suitable for automatic pipeline internal circumferential seam welding by GMAW welding process.
Configuration: Machine host, central controller, reach rod assembly, welding power source adapter and dedicated welding power source
Meet requirement of precise internal root pass circumferential seam welding, one click operation.
Multiple torches conduct welding simultaneously,high welding speed, good weld quality.
It is designed with embedded system platform and built-in welding expert database.
Interfaces of WIFI and QR code scanning gun are reserved to provide remote technical services and data transmission in the cloud to realize convenient real time quality control.
Main Technical Parameters
Model A-806 A-808 A-810
Product ID 4306000000 4308000000 4309000000
Applicable pipe outer diameter 40"/42"
(Φ1016/Φ1066mm) 48"
(Φ1219mm) 56"
Quantity of torch 6 8
Travelling speed 0~900(mm/s)
Wire diameter Φ0.8mm~Φ1.0mm
Compressed gas pressure 1.4 MPa
System working pressure 1.0~1.4 MPa
IP Rating IP54
Ambient temperature It is necessary to make customized machine for temperature below -20℃
Altitude 4000m
L×W×H (mm) 5180×900 ×900 5360×1050 ×1050 5160×1300×1300
Weight 1900kg 2550kg 3250kg