Straight Ejector Sleeve Pins


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day
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Product Specifications

Material: FDAC
Inner Hardness
Surface Hardness: HRC38±2°\HRC52°±2°
Heat Treatment: HV1000°±100°\HRC52°±2°
Nitrided: Vacuumed
JH Ejector Sleeve ranges from straight, step, multiple-step, or thin-walled sleeves. Nitrided SKD61 is the most commonly used steel in ejection molding. However other materials, as well as SKD61, include, but are not limited to. Ejector Sleeves can be manufactured to a working hardness designed for your application. We also offer a variety of surface treatments such as Nitride, Titanium Nitride, and Vacuumed to name a few. Sleeves ranging from under 10mm long to 1000mm long are available. Inside and outside diameters are ground concentric to ensure proper alignment. If you need we could reach the tolerance to 0.002mm.