Cold Drawn Spring Steel Wire


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

We supply and export cold drawn spring steel wire for mechanical springs manufacturers. Cold drawn spring wire is wire drawn to size by cold deformation of a starting material that has been subjected to a thermal treatment. Our cold drawn Spring Steel Wire for Mechanical Springs is produced meeting European Standard EN 10270 and simliar standard.

According to the stress level, we supply spring wire manufactured in three tensile strength grades: Low, medium and high tensile strength.

We deliver cold drawn spring steel wire in following forms:
Unit packages of coils;
Big coils on carriers;
Straight lengths;
In bundles.

Spring steel wire is supplied in following coatings / finishes:
Phosphate coated (ph) either dry drawn or wet drawn;
Copper coated (cu);
Zinc (Z) coated, or galvanized;
Zinc/aluminium (ZA) coated / Galfan coated.
All steel wires can be with an oiled surface for all surface finishes.

Cold Drawn Spring Steel Sizes:
From wire diameter 0.80 mm up to above 10mm.