Brass / Copper Chicken Wire


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Product Specifications

Chicken wire is also known as Hexagonal wire mesh / net, according to its Hexagon hole shape.

Our capacity and capability are as given below:

Material: Copper wire, brass wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire, copper coated wire.
Choosing materials according to end uses:
- Copper and brass chicken wire are mainly used for decoration in high grade architectural design and fabricating of crafts.
- Copper plated chicken wire / hexagonal mesh is mainly used for decorative fencing, and other ornamental uses.
- Galvanized hexagonal mesh is mainly used in fencing of chicken, rabbit, poultry, border fence, yard fence, gabions mesh, construction plaster reinforcing mesh, pipe wrapping and other industrial uses.

Weaving patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist
Wire diameter range: BWG14-BWG27
Mesh size range: 3/8''-4''
Roll width range: 0.5m-5.0m
Roll length range: 15m-100m