Binding Wire


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Binding Wire 0.8MM/20 GUAGE 1KG ROLL, Binding Wire, Number 9, Gauge 100 Lb, Full Roll For Iron Rods,Zinc Coated For Book Binding Wire
To avoid frequent maintenance, binding wire has been increasingly applied to daily life and high grade leisure venues. Our binding wire, made of low-carbon steel coil wire, offers good corrosion resistance and clean surface treatment. It is now widely used in many leisure entertainment sites, family and enterprises and construction industry for bundling and tying of wire.

Binding Wire - GI Binding Wire, MS Binding Wire
Common wire gauges include # 20, # 21, # 22. Sizes can be custom made on request.

Galvanized Binding Wire:
zinc coated 15 grm
Diameter: 1 mm
one roll: 1.5 kg
each 10 rolls in one bundle

Loopan Wire Tie Inc.