Super Tension Flattening Split Ring Fishing Ring


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Production Capacity
20 Pieces / Day
Payment Terms

Product Specifications

Product Name:Super Tension Flattening Split Ring
Material:Stainless Steel
Color:Stainless Steel Color

Specifications (wire diameter * outer diameter) Pull KG
0.7x5mm 17kg
0.8x6mm 23kg
0.9x7mm 27kg
1.0x8mm 39kg
1.2x9mm 70kg
1.4x10.5mm 90kg
1.6x12mm 110kg
1.8x14.3mm 130kg
2.0x16mm 150kg

The unique inner oblique design makes it easier and faster to replace the accessories.
Can be used with the tie line group, with a wide range of use and large pulling force.
Made of stainless steel, it resists all kinds of corrosion.
The special manufacturing process makes the product smooth and beautiful, with higher strength and no damage to the line.