Vacuum cleaner motor for industrial vacuum cleaner


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Product Specifications

Single-layer water suction, dust suction and blowing three-purpose motor. True copper core, carefully selected assured steel, with good toughness and bearing capacity. Engineering plastic grade, the air outlet is more robust, and the height is available in 176mm and 151mm
Data-Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Motor,with side air outlet,double wind blade,height 148mm, model no. YH-MS, Input voltage 100V to 240V, rated input power 400-600W, rated frequency 50/60Hz, max vacuum degree 10.4kpa, max air flow 2.68M3/min, temperature rise 75K, noise 89dB, spark less than 1, class of insulation E, max efficiency 35%.
400-600Watt carbon brush vacuum cleaner, pure copper core, the manufacturing process has high automation, low current, large torque and stable operation.
Wide range of uses,Dust-free saw motor floor scrubber water absorption motor feeder motor