Pioglitazone / Alogliptin Tablet


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100 Boxes / Day
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Brand NameNicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Dosage Form2 To 3 Time A Day
Product Delivery Time7 Days
Packaging TypeAlu Alu
"As this therapy contains 2 different solutions, they function to let one properly achieve the right results. This remedy works well for people with high levels of glucose and only one belonging to Type 2 can choose this solution. While alogliptin works by increasing the levels of incretins, pioglitazone assists to restore insulin and lets it function well in the body. Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd follows an ethical method that lets one function well and serves the needs timely. With immense knowledge and access to the right technology, we curate the genuine and best in the industry.

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Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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