Palisade Steel Fence


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Steel Palisade offers high security fencing barrier with excellent anti-climb and anti-cutting designs. With smooth surface and rigid structure, the palisade fence has sharp prongs and narrow anti-access pale spacing. This metal security fencing effectively deters would-to -be intruders and trespassers.

Palisade fences, are composed of palisade pales, rails, steel posts and fence fittings including fishplates, post clamps, bolts and nuts.

Steel Palisade Style Options
Head styles 'w' pale section;
'D' pale section.
D pale is the traditional profile while W pale offers added security to the fencing.

Palisade fencing is offered in a range of heights up to 3.6 metres, and is self-adjusting to slopes of up to 1 in 3. Manufactured with hot dipped galvanized steel bar or pvc coated steel bar welded together.

Applications: Steel palisade fencing is mainly used for perimeter safety, garden fencing and other security barrier applications.

Black Powder Coated Steel Palisade Fence

A standard panel is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Panels consist of 17 vertical pales manufactured in "D" or "W" profile with a choice of tops. The pales are fixed to rolled steel angle horizontals which are supported by 102 x 44 joist posts.

Perimeter Security Fencing Panels
Anti Climbing Steel Fence, Galvanized and color coated / painted in various colors to blend with the environment.

W Profile Security Steel Fencing
Epoxy Powder Coated Galvanized Palisade Fence //62 mm Pale Palisade Railings with Square Posts for Perimeter Fencing Uses
Surface treatment Options:

Hot-dip galvanizing: Extra protection against rust, corrosion, then:
Zinc phosphate: Promote the adhesion between the steel and coating film;
Zinc-rich epoxy powder coat: Providing long-lasting, anti-impaction and anti-corrosion;
Polyester color coat: With extra anti-UV rays, corrosion and self-cleaning

Stronger than traditional steel palisade systems;
Greater protection against intruders and vandals;
A range of choices, an adaptable system to suit all situations;
Lightweight offers cost savings on labour and transport;
Low maintenance;
Suitable for most site conditions;
Available in any height.