Studded T-Post( USA Type)


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Green Painted American Type T Posts with Stabilizer Plate

Popular Steel T Posts to USA for Customers Choices:
Steel 5 feet studded T posts;
Studded T-Post (USA Type) heavy duty 8 foot;
Heavy Duty 1.33lbs 6 feet tall studded –t-posts type with spades;
Light weight T post, 6 feet tall, green coated with white tips and the stabilizer plate attachment;
Heavy duty 6 feet and the heavy duty 7 feet and the regular duty 6 and 7 feet t-post;
T and U post 4' metal studded no paint no spade .85 l/b;
4' metal studded no paint no spade 1.15 l/b;
Painted or galvanized or zinc coated steel posts: Available in .95 pounds/foot - length 5 foot thru 8 foot; 1.25 pounds/foot – length 5 foot to 9 foot; 1.33 pounds/foot – length 5 foot to 9 foot.

7 Feet Heavy T Fence Post PVC Coated Against Corrosion and Rusting
Benefits of Steel T Posts:
• T design resists bending;
• Rail steel material naturally resistant to weathering
• Easy to drive into ground - no holes to dig
• Strong holding power suitable for any type of fence
• Galvanized zinc plated posts offering superior rust resistance
• Studs prevent fence fabric from riding up or down the post
• Fence fabric attached securely to post by pre-formed metal clips
• Anchor plates cold forged to post