Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve


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china zhejiang
Production Capacity
2000 Pieces / Month
Payment Terms
L/C, Western Union

Product Specifications

China Butterfly Valve factory Jonloo supplies Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve, which is of eccentric design with double flanges.
With laminated seat ring:Zero leakage sealing in bi-directional(As per DIN Class I or ANSI Class V)
With massive seat ring:Bi-directional tight seating(As per ANSI Class V)
Be excellent for isolation and control of gases and liquids
Having long service life with welded-in stainless steel or stellited body seat.
No friction,wear and galling in the seat(compression only)
Be easily replaceable and adjustable seal ring
Be applicable to harsh working condition such as high temperature,high pressure and corrosive conditions
Self-compensating for process temperature variances
Low operation torque and reliable seated torque
Inherent fire-safe design.