Honeycomb Plastic Mesh


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Product Specifications

Honeycomb plastic mesh refers to extruded plastic mesh with hexagon opening forming a honeycomb samiliar sheet. Honeycomb plastic mesh has lightweight, good flexibility, can be used to replace wire mesh used in chicken netting, chicken and duck breeding mattress, aquaculture and other industries.

Processing: Honeycomb plastic mesh is processed by thermal spraying and cold consolidation.
Application: This kind of plastic mesh is mainly used as chicken netting, floor mattress, flame retardant net, aquaculture.

Choose Honeycomb Plastic Mesh According to Technical Information and Applications:

Plastic Honeycomb Mesh with 8mm and 12mm holes are mainly used for chicken and duckling breeding in fencing and floor, 18mm hole mesh is mainly for hen and ducks, 25mm hole honeycomb mesh is suitable for meat chicken and meat ducks.

Common materials: Polyethylene (PE), high density low pressure polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), ABS plastic particles.

Color: Black, white, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.

General Specification: Mesh (CM): 0.8-6; Sheet thickness (mm): 1-4.5; Rolling diameter (CM): 20-50; Roll width: 0.5-3m, roll length: 10-100m

Popular Products and sheet sizes:

Honeycomb Plastic Mesh, in 665x1020mm Sheet, 14mm opening, 1.5mm thickness, 3mm strand width

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