AWG-500 Automatic MIG/MAG Welding Torch


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1000 Pieces / Week
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Product Specifications

Rated Duty Cycle60%
Rated welding current500A
Function: MIG/MAG torch for automatic welding machine, designed for automatic pipeline and tank welding.
Features: Independent design and manufacture, suitable for large current and long time welding.
Main Technical Parameters
Model AWG-500
Product ID 3353500003
Rated welding current 500A
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Applicable wire type Solid wire, flux cored wire
Applicable Wire Diameter Φ 0.8mm~Φ 1.6mm
Max. rated voltage ≤113V (peak voltage)
Length of cable & hose assembly 3.6m
Cooling Air cooled
Insulation grade F
Ambient temperature -20~55℃
IP33 (contact tip IP03) IP33 (contact tip IP03)
Weight 5kg