Automatic Proctor CBR Soil Compactor


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TianJin, China
Production Capacity
10 Sets / Month
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L/C, T/T, Western Union

Product Specifications

Usagesoil test
Standard:BS 598-107, ASTM D1559,AASHTO T 245

It is suitable for the foundation engineering construction such as water conservancy dam, traffic, railway, airport and building etc. With standard compaction method to determine the relationship between density and water ratio, then confirm the dry density and moisture content of soil. It could satisfy the specimen preparation requirements of CBR tests and resilience modulus tests. It could provide sand module and spodosol module of dia. 152 and dia. 100. It could perform light compaction and heavy compaction. With perfect designation, it has lots of specialties such as digital display, auto number and auto circulation etc.

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