Ring Shank Roofing Nails


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Hot Dipped Galvanized Umbrella Head Roofing Nail With Ring Shank And Twisted Shank

Ring shank or twisted shank nails enjoy better fastening and anti-withdrawing strength compared with common smooth shanks. Ring shank steel nails are mainly used for asphalt roofing and asbestos sheet roofs nailing.

Galvanized roofing nail with umbrella head and twisted / ring shank
2.5" X 7 3/4 BWG
2.5" X 8 BWG
2.5" X 8 1/4 BWG
Qty: container Load
Inspection: SGS
End Use: To be used with roofing sheets

2” Galvanized Painted Ring Shank roofing nail
Note: Ring throughout the entire shank.
Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green and Grey, Silver coated.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Umbrella Head Roofing Nail
Hot Dipped Umbrella Head Roofing Nail. Twisted Shank
Packing: 1kg plastic bag pack.
65mmx 3.75mm
75mmx 3.75mm
General Information:
Ring shank roofing nails can be made from various materials from electro galvanized carbon steel, hot dipped zinc plated steel, stainless steel to aluminum or copper.
Wire diameter: 0.120", 3/4" ----3"
Technical Note: Large flat head, twisted shank, diamond point
Finish: Electro galvanized (blue zinc, yellow zinc)
Packing: 1kg/box, 25boxes/ctn; 50lb/ctn, 48ctns/pallet
Uses: Mainly for nailing asphalt roofing felts.
Popular material:Q195 wire rod(low carbon iron).
Ring Shank Roofing nails size 2' and 2.5' with standard diameter and packing 25 kg per cartoon
Shipments to different african ports:
roofing nails, with umbrella head, ring shank.
bwg9, 2.5"
packing: 50 kgs/ gunny bag
roofing nails, with umbrella head, plain ring shank
3.15 x 60 x 18
packing: 3.125 kg/box, 8 boxes/ carton
quantity: 20' container