Copper Mesh Curtains


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Why Copper Mesh Curtains for Architectural Decoration?
We supply copper wire mesh curtains of various colors, finishes and patterns satisfying different requirement of decoration in building and architectural design. Copper mesh curtains and bronze mesh curtains are metal alloy fabrics rendering good aesthetic effect. Copper metals such as copper, brass and phosphor bronze and other alloy meshes are popularly used in decoration.

Materials for Metal Mesh Curtains: Brass wire, copper wire, bronze, or other alloy materials.

Copper Wire Mesh Curtains can be divided into nine groups according to Different Applications in architecture designs:
1) Interior Space Curtains, for indoor decoration.
2) Installed on the Ceilings: Suspending mesh curtains.
3) Brass Mesh Drapery for Interior Partition
4) Used as Exterior Wall Cladding Material.
5) Used as Sunshade Screen for Architecture Outside Designs
6) Used as Decorative Facade Fabric.
7) Used as Fireplace Mesh Curtain.
8) Used for Shower Curtains.
9) Other Decorative Uses.