Natural Brown Rawhide Chews


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

1.FY-87010 10"Bone
2.FY-87090 9"Bone
3.FY-87080 8"Bone
4.FY-87070 7"Bone
5.FY-87060 6 "Bone
6.FY-87050 5"Bone
7.FY-87040 4 "Bone
8.FY-87072 7"Bone,2pcs
9.FY-87045 4"Bone,5pcs
10.FY-87042 4"Bone,2pcs
11.FY-87035 2 1/2" Bone,2pcs
12.FY-87682 6-8mmX5"
Twist Stick, 20pcs

DOGGY CHEWS INTERNATIONAL using high specification processing technology for the production of all kinds of rawhide dog chews & pet treats.

Doggychews International Co., Ltd

Taiwan, Province of China