Poly Bag Inserter for Drums


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Shenzhen, China
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10 Sets / Month
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Product Specifications

Poly bag inserter for placing liner in drum. This fully-automatic poly bag inserting machine is especially designed for placing liners in NARROW-NECK drums by one each. The bag inserting machine cuts and seals film as a bag from a roll stock, opens and covers the bag over a narrow-neck drum, plungs the bag down into the drum bottom, blows air to extend the bag to fit the internal wall of drum better.

This bag inserter reduces labor and material costs, is simple to operate and easy to adjust. High efficiency and labor saving.

Inserting capacity: 6-7 drums/min
Film width: 460-840mm
Power supply: 3 phase, 4.5 kW
Compressed air: 6 bar
Air consumption: 100 NL/min
Machine dims: L3322*W2177*H2350mm (for reference only)

We also have bag inserters for placing liners in cartons.