Omadacycline Tablet


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1000 Boxes / Day
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Product Specifications

Brand NameNicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Packaging TypeAlu Alu
Dosage Form2 To 3 Time A Day
The consumption of this medicine is done to treat Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia and Acute Bacterial skin and other skin disorder. It is classified under the tetracycline antibiotic group and ensures the growth of the microorganisms is taken care of. It works well on improving and preventing the growth of unnecessary enzymes but not the cold and flu. It is to be used only under the guidance of an expert and different doses can be ingested to get rid of the situation. Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd is designed in a manner that people having doubts concerning any product can reach out to us. We serve top-notch solutions at your door-steps.

Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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