E-Glass EMKP Surface Veil Stitched Combo Mat


MOQ: 500 Sets
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Production Capacity
500 Sets / Week
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T

Product Specifications

Surface Veil Stitched Combo Mat is one layer of surface veil (fiberglass veil or polyester veil) combined with various of fiberglass fabrics, multiaxials and chopped roving layer by stitching them together. The base material can be only one layer or several layers of different combinations. It can be mainly applied in pultrusion, resin resin transfer molding, continuous board making and other forming processes.

Product features:
1. No chemical adhesive,the felt is soft and easy to set, with less hairiness;
2. Effectively improve the appearance of the products and increase the resin content on the surface of the products.
3. Solve the problem of easy break and wrinkle when the glass fiber surface mat is formed separately.
4. Reduce laying workload and improve production efficiency.

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