ANTIOXIDANT 1035 CAS NO.41484-35-9


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Product Specifications

ANTIOXIDANT 1035CAS NO.41484-35-9
Chemical name: Thiodiethylene bis(3.5-di-t-butyl-hydroxyphyl) propionate 
CAS No.:41484-35-9
Molecular formular:C38H54O6S 
Molecular weight:642.95
Molecular structure

Appearance: White free flowing powder
Melting point,℃:63-68
Transmittance, %: 425nm ≥ 95
500nm ≥ 97

ANTIOXIDANT HONOX-1035 is a sulfur containing primary antioxidant and heat stabilizer which is widely used for the process stabilization of polyethylene wire and cable resin applications. It eliminates the concern over micro-contaminants that can affect the insulation properties of the wire, and it also prevents premature gel formation of chemically cross-linked polyethylene during extrusion compounding. It also provides efficient processing stabilization and long-term thermal stability with excellent system compatibility and low color in styrenic polymers, polypropylene, polyurethanes, polyesters, segmented block copolymers, other rubber modified polymers, and elastomers (including EPDM, SBR, carboxylated SBR latex, and polybutadiene and polyisopropene rubber). It also provides excellent stabilization in petroleum-based products, including lubricants (such as turbine oils) petrolatum and higher poly at