API 6D Check Valve


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Ningbo China
Production Capacity
5 20' Container / Month
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Product Specifications

UNIQUE check valves are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. All check valves meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Institute standard API 600, 6D. BS EN 13709 and generally conform to American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard ASME B16.34. Valves are available in a complete range of body, cover materials and trims.
Ranges of Materials:
Standard body, cover materials include nine grades of carbon, low alloy and stainless steels, and for special applications, they can be supplied in other grades of alloy and stainless steel. There's a full range of trim materials to match any service, and optional packing and gasket materials are available for a full range of service conditions.

Available Modifications for UNIQUE Cast Steel Valves

Trim changes.
End connection modifications.
Packing and gasket changes.
Operator mounting.
Handwheel extensions. Pressure equalizing.
Customer specified coatings.
Weld end bore changes.
Oxygen, chlorine cleaning, packaging.
For 150 LB-8 Inch, 300 LB-8 Inch, 600 LB-6 Inch, 900 LB, 1500 LB, 2500 LB-4 Inch & over. B)BC
Bolted cover, welded cover and pressure seal bonnet in services requiring frequent cycling or with high pressure, temperature variations.
C)End Connections
A choice of flanged, RTJ flanged or butt-welded end for piping flexibility. D)Body-to-Cover Joint
A male and female joint or tongue and groove joint is used 150 LB to 600 LB valves. Ring joint is used in the body to cover connection in 900 LB & higher rated valve.
E)Outside Lever And Weight
All external hinge pin swing check valves 12 Inch and smaller are available with an optional outside lever and weight, internal hinge available with all swing check valves. F)Seat Rings
Separate heavy duty, full ported rings for easy maintenance. Screwed or welded connection into body.
G)HCU weighted mechanical accumulator
This design can be used to either dampen or assist closing of the check valve disc depending on orientation. by using the hydraulic control unit to buffer action the disc, the valve opens at lower flow rates.