Kitchen Wipe - 4100


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Kitchen sealed design,Avoid contact with external contamination,
Effectively isolate cockroaches and mosquitoes.
Special PP fiber and wood pulp combined process,
Material soft and with high strength and wear resistance,
No paper powder, you can repeat the use of washing,
Can be used with a special solvent cleaning, will not be eroded, high temperature of 150 degrees.

Apply To:
General household kitchen
Fresh station
Hotel kitchen
Absorbent pad
Frying pad

Product Description:
Item : 4100 kitchen high performance wipes
Material : 70% wood pulp + 30% PP
Size : 20cm X 30cm (± 5%)
Packing : 100 pieces / box
Color : White

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Taiwan, Province of China