PVC Coated Tie Wire


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Production Capacity
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Product Specifications

PVC tie wire is tie wire made of plastic coated wire. PVC wire has the core wire of electric galvanized wire with plastic coating as outer layer. The PVC coating and the inside wire are firmly combined together offering strengthened protective layer and longer service life.

PVC coated tie wire tic and wire firmly within the core and to combine the surface layer of protective film. With anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, anti-cracking, and other characteristics, pvc coated tie wire has much longer service life compared with common galvanized tie wire.

Colors can be black, green, white, dark green, dark blue, grey and so on.

Uses: PVC coated tie wire is widely used in the environment where good corrosion resistance is required.

#4 pvc covered tie wire to be used to tie an hdpe cover conductor to a hdpe insulator in a 15kV and 35kV line.

PVC coated tie wire for use in a construction project
The application will be in and under a future building slab, where it will be placed to suspend a lining under the slab as settlement causes voids to form under the building. The wire will be partially encased in concrete (tied to rebar, including the cut ends), and partially “exposed” in pea gravel and open voids where moisture may be encountered (but only the sealed PVC portion, not the cut ends of the wire).

PVC coated double loop tie wire
Lenght 140 mm
Wire coated 1.5mm
Can be red , yellow, blue or green

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