Lotion Pump


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Lotion Pump
Spiral switch pump head prevents accidental bounce during transportation. It fits tightly and is sealed and leak-proof.
Easy to press, built-in spring, automatic rebound, 3-5 times of liquid must be discharged
Stable liquid output and long service life (after more than 3000 times of strain and compression test)
It does not disintegrate in a 1.5M height drop and impact, and it does not disintegrate after 3 drops, and there is no rupture.
The simulated product has no liquid leakage under high pressure (-0.05MPA) and high temperature (+70°-15°) environment
Adhere to the production process of the dust-free workshop, our products are clean, no magazines, and no oil stains.
Brand: FeiFan
Material: PP
Specification: 24/400 24/410 24/415 28/400 28/410 28/415 32/410 32/410 38/400 38/410
Color: Customizable
Process: Can be processed according to customer requirements.
Liquid output:
24 caliber, 28 caliber, 2cc, 32 caliber, 38 caliber, 4CC
Application range: Widely used in detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc. / Food grade: fuel consumption bottle (32 caliber), gallon pump (38 caliber)。