Galvanized Concrete Nails


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Product Specifications

Galvanized concrete nails refer to the most common concrete nails widely used. Made of high quality carbon steel, zinc plated. Common galvanized concrete nails have smooth shank and round cap. We mainly supply galvanized concrete nails with no head, galvanized concrete nails twilled shank and smooth shank. Galvanized Concrete Nails with No Head are made of cold drawn high quality carbon steel materials, heavy galvanized. Smooth shank, no head. Concrete nails with twilled shanks are made of high quality carbon steel. It offers good corrosion resistance and good strength. With round nail caps and twilled shanks.

Construction Materials of Galvanized Concrete Steel Nails.
Head/tip style: Flat head.
Raw Material: Steel.
Length: 2,3,4 Inches.
Shank Type: Smooth.

2'' Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel Smooth Shank Galvanized concrete nail/cement nails for Building Construction.

Common specifications for galvanized concrete nails:

Wire Gauge 9G x Length 3/4", Wire Gauge 9G x Length 1", Wire Gauge 9G x Length 1-1/2", Wire Gauge 9G x Length 2", Wire Gauge 8G x Length 2-1/2", Wire Gauge 7G x Length 3", Wire Gauge 7G x Length 3-1/2", Wire Gauge 6 x Length 4"..

Galvinised nails (Smooth & ring shank) 90mm 2000 in a box + 2gas ,75mm,64mm and 50mm

1" to 4.5" galvanized concrete nails
1" to 4.5" galvanized concrete nail

Galvanized Nails/Fasteners – Green PMS 363
• Hot dipped roofing nails
• Eg/Hot dipped Common Nails smooth
• Eg/Hot dipped Common Ring shank Nails
• Eg/Hot dipped gutter spikes
• Hot dipped Ring shank pole barn
• Hot dipped ring/Spiral shank PTL deck nail
• Eg/Hot dipped Box nail
• Eg/Hot dipped Fence staples
• Eg/Hot dipped finish nails
• Eg/Hot dipped casing nails
• Eg/Hot dipped Joist hanger (truss nails)