Electricity Meter DAC1100


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Product Specifications

Haining AEM Import & Export Co., Ltd is a custom Electricity Meter DAC1100 supplier and OEM Electricity Meter DAC1100 company was established in 2006.

DAC1100 series energy meter supports single phase two wires direct connect 100A load, measuring two-way power, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, phase factor, and providing various measurement parameters for power monitoring, with multi-function, multi-purpose, high stability and long life.
This series products with an RS485 communication interface, supporting Modbus, and DLT645 protocols. It can read the data remotely, and the design of a large-screen LCD, a touch-sensitive key, can easily check the local view and set the operation of various parameters. The password protection function ensures the data security of the product.

1. Max 100A DC.
2. Standard 1-modulus width, TH35-7.5 type rail installation
3. Touch key design improves the operation of the keys and reduces the key failure rate.
4. Multi-function parameter measurement for voltage, current,active power, reactive power, apparent power,power factor, and phase angle
5. Support two-way energy metering, providing monthly electricity consumption statistics for the last 12 months, and daily electricity consumption statistics for the last 31days
6. Support access of two rate switching signals and realize power metering of two rates
7. Support 1 passive pulse output,1 RS485 communication,Baud rate up to 38400bps, support Modbus RTU, DL/T645-2007 protocol