Bitzer Box-type Air-Cooled Condensing Unit


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications


1.Electrical parts are integrated, including main electrical appliance, main control panel, cold room temperature control panelwhich are all optional for customers.

2.With main control panel equipping, compressor isautomatically switched on and off based on system presser;

3.With all abovecontrol panels equipping, compressor is automatically regulated and have control function for cold room temperature and defrosting.

4.Multi-protectionfor such situations as phase loss, overcurrent, compressor frequent starting, exhaust temperature, compressor module, oil presser (especially for compressor with oil pump), high or low systems pressure, etc.

5.Fans speedis controllable and the condenser fans speed is adjusted based on condensing temperature chang

6.With failure alarm and inquiry function, users will be warned by buzzer when equipment failure