Titanium Screws


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1000000 Pieces / Month
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Product Specifications

Titanium Screws10$
Titanium Socket Cap Screws
Product Name: Titanium Socket Cap Screws
Material: Gr1  Gr2  Gr5  Gr7  Gr12  Gr23 etc.
Standard: ASTM F468  ASME B18.3  DIN 912  DIN 6912  ISO 12474  ISO 4762
Size: M1-M72×L   1/4"-3"×L
Thread Availability: Fine and course threads  Partially and fully threaded
Firmakes Titanium United Titanium manufactures and inventories socket cap screws from #0 to 2” diameter. Metric socket cap screws are also available upon request. These socket cap screws are manufactured to the most recent ASME B18.3, IFI, or customer stated standards with either full or partial threaded options.  Our inventory is home to thousands of these socket cap screws in any of our various materials including grade 2 titanium, grade 7 titanium.