Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator Car Decoration


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Machine roomless elevator knows very well the environmental protection concept. It takes saving tfie energy: reducing the loss, saving the building area, enhancing the design freedom as its bounden duty, ft gives a full play of green humane spirits. This style of machine room-less elevator only needs an independent 相ell space. It requires no machine room— Compared with the traditional elevator with same load level, itsaves 40% of electricenergy and 10% of building area.

Machine room-less elevator absorbs the world's leading design tech elite. It only requires an independent well space. It needs no machine room It provides the passengers with the smooth and comfortable travel enjoyment. The builders and developers can freely design the buildings because of small covering space. Meanwhile, it can save a great number of building time and materials It fits installation of new elevators and renewal of old elevators.

Passenger elevator car decoration



Ceiling: titanium mirror stainless steel, acrylic lighting, LED lights

Car wall: titanium, mirror, etching, hairline, and grain

Handrail: titanium stainless steel triple tube

Floor: PVC