FAY-005 5.0ml 2D External Screw Cryovials


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Name: Three Code in ONE Cryovials,2D cryo tube
Specification:0.5ml Tube 100pcs/box
1.5ml Tube 100pcs/box
2.0ml Tube 48pcs/box
5.0ml Tube 36pcs/box*20boxes
5.0ml Tube 100pcs/box*20boxes
1. Due to 2D coding system with unique image forming, used for sample base management, espcecial for liquid nitrogen ultra-lowfreezer.
2. Self-standing, Transparent, Writing-space.
3. Made of import medical-grade PP, it could use from-196℃ to 121℃, and repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
4. No DNA, No RNA, No Esotoxin, Gamma ray sterilization available.
5. No O-ring in the caps, with perfect tightness and avoid pollution of the samples.
6. No frog and drop appear at the bottom of label holder when the tubes are moved from low-temperature environment to high-temperature environment. When the user takes the tube out, then read the 2D tube accurately and immediately.
7. Preset or customize DataMatrix 2D tube, and it is unique. There's same content QR code at the bottom.
8. There are various colors for the caps, and also customizable, which helps to different and manage the samples easily.
9. Matching barcode scanner and intelligent scanner are available if necessary.