Biodegradable Compostable Fiber Pulp Round Salad Bowls


Purchase Quantity: FOB Unit Price:
Production Capacity
40 40' Container / Month
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T

Product Specifications

Lid:Φ212*25.5 mm
CR24 BaseΦ207.5*45 mm
CR32 BaseΦ207.5*59 mm
"Harvest sustainable compostable fiber pulp salad bowl is made from bamboo pulp, sugarcane, and wheat pulp, which are natural and renewable. Our products are biodegradable and compostable after using. The time of decomposition is about 120 days. You can learn more about this material from our previous post.

CR bowl series is suitable for catering café, supermarket cold food storage in display case, fast food display in deli counters or take-out food packaging.
There are 2 sizes in this series: 24oz(around 700ml) and 32oz (around 930ml). The diameter of the bowl is 210mm (about 8 inch). The size is common for food bowl. You can choose different materials of lid according to different occasions. We provide PP, PET, PLA, and Pulp lid. PP and Pulp lid is suitable for hot food or microwave food packaging, because of the hot resistance is up to 120 Celsius degree. The PET and PLA lid is suitable for cold food, such as salad, fruit, cold noodle, and poke food.

It can hold hot and cold food, the pulp base is microwave safe and freezable safe. Furthermore, it has good barrier properties, so it can hold wet and oily food without staining your hands. If your need to containing food in long time, we can provide laminate film on the product. The film can strengthen the product's structure and water/oil resistance to keep your food good.

Hold hot and cold food
Microwave and freezable
Biodegradable and compostable
Water resistant to 100°C
Grease resistant to 120°C
Different lid available – PET(anti-fogging), RPET, PP, and Pulp lid
24 oz and 32 oz"