900X Emergency Shut Off Valve, Cast iron, Ductile iron, WCB


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900X Pressure Relief / Pressure Sustaining & Shut Off Valve for Fire Protectionis used in the living and fire-fighting emergent water supply system. It supplies living water in the normal conditions.
And in case of a fire, close automatically the living water and open the fire-fighting one to make it enough, and when the fire-fighting water stops and the pressure is reduced, resets the living water automatically.
Thus making the system no need to set a separate fire-fighting water supply pipeline, this saves both engineering construction cost and daily water quantity used greatly. It features by the sensitive control, safety, reliability, simple debugging and long duration.
This is a kind of valve used to balance the differential pressure in air conditioner system. This kind of valve improves the systems using percentage and maintaining precise and stable differential pressure and at most degree low eliminate noise in the system and damage to the system due to over pressure differential.
This valves most advantage is that its without actuator, compared to with other balance valve, and it can balance the system by mediums own differential pressure and thus saves energy and installation space.