Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream


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Product Specifications

Brand NameNicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Dosage Form2 To 3 Time A Day
Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream works on enhancing the beauty of women by reducing the growth of undesirable hair on the face. While this topical cream is suggested to be used on the face, the use on other body parts is not suggested. Initially, the experience cannot be discriminated much, with the increased use, one can come across the lighter and a finer hair growth on the skin. To make it clear, this topical cream doesn’t completely help you rid of hair, but the growth of the hair on the face is reduced. Nicolan HealthCare works to safeguard the health of the patients. We are on a mission to serve the customers with high-end and quality meds to improve the disorders at the earliest.

Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

United States