60W-300W Shingled Foldable Solar Panels


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T

Product Specifications

OutputUSB, USB-3.0, TYPE-C , DC & XT-60
CellMonocrystaline Shingled Cell
Priceto be negotiated
60W-300W Shingled Foldable Solar Panels
Power: 60W-300W
Output: USB, USB-3.0, TYPE-C , DC & XT-60
Cell: Monocrystaline Shingled Cell
Customized: Acceptable
Price: to be negotiated
Portable solar panels
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Shingle solar cells are solar cells which are cut into typically 5 or 6 strips. These strips can be overlaid, like shingles on a roof, to form the electrical connections. The strips of solar cells are joined together using an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) that allows for conductivity and flexibility. Intercell gaps are removed, and more silicon cells can be crammed into one module, increasing power output and module efficiency.

shingle solar sideview

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solar charger panels various sizes

Output port:

1. USB 2. USB-3.0 3. TYPE-C 4. DC 5.XT60

lynsa Solar charger output port

With attached stands to hold the panel at the right angle towards the sunlight, to capture the highest solar energy; two stands are adjustable for the foldable panel to different ground situation.

Lynsa Solar charger panel back view kick stand


1. Suitable for electrical devices, such as Phone, Camera, Bluetooth headset.

2. Suitable for various outdoor activites: camping, picnicing, hiking and travelling etc..

Lynsa Solar charger panel application mobilephone bluetooth earplug

Lynsa Solar charger panels 4 folds side view

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