Mometasone Cream


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100 Boxes / Day
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Product Specifications

Dosage Form2 To 3 Time A Day
Brand NameNicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Packaging TypeAlu Alu
The use of this medicine is majorly done to improve the skin conditions such as psoriasis, or eczema. As it is available in tablet and ointment form, one needs to consider using this therapy only for a week or two and achieve the right results in no time. Basically, this remedy is used to manage itching, irritated skin, and swelling. If you’re using the ointment form, know that the use is to be done carefully. The application should be done in small quantities to achieve the right results. Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd works as a distributor of pharmaceutical products that benefits the health of people in long run.

Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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