Ruyi Xiang Yun necklace


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We are a professional manufacturer and have been in the necklace business for more than 10 years, with a good reputation and many regular customers all over the world. We have a lot of bracelets in stock and accept OEM.

Our Ruyi Xiang Yun necklace uses Chinese heritage elements and we want to interpret Ruyi lock on our necklace products in a modern way. Therefore, this Ruyi Xiang Yun necklace hopes to sustain thousands of favors and blessings, and to treasure the sincere blessings in a party of joy. By doing so, it expresses the wearer's inner joy and good wishes to him. This love necklace uses thick gold plating thickening technology and mirror polishing technology, pure handmade skills, focus on the details of polishing, highlighting the curve of the neck flowing classical tenderness. Our 925 sterling silver necklace has the ideal hardness and luster to resist oxidation and can be worn by sensitive skin, with a bright shine.

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