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Product Specifications

Chemical name: Anthraquinone
CAS No.:84-65-1
Molecular formular:C14H8O2
Molecular weight:208.21
Molecular structure

Appearance: Yellowish crystal powder
Melting point,℃:≥283

Anthraquinone is used as dye intermediates, papermaking cooking agent and raw material hydrogen peroxide. It is also used in modified rosin resin as bleaching agent.

Anthraquinone is used in the dye production as raw material. After sulfonation, chlorination and nitration, dye intermediates can be obtained in a wide range. It is used for the production of anthraquinone series of disperse dyes, acid dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes etc.

Anthraquinone is used as pulp and paper cooking agent. Only a small amount of anthraquinone is added in alkaline cooking liquid, the delignification rate can be accelerated and the cooking time is shortened. The pulp yield is increased and the waste liquid load is reduced. At present, more and more paper mills are using anthraquinone additives. Consumption of anthraquinone as a cooking agent has been increased rapidly.

Anthraquinone has the other applications. Anthraquinone compounds can be used in the production of hydrogen peroxide with high concentration. In the chemical fertilizer industry, it can be used to make the desulfurizer sodium anthraquinone-2-sulfonate. info at