Imitation Cotton Velvet Technology Cloth


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Product Specifications

Technological cloth imitation cotton velvet can be used in various hot stamping, laminating, printing and other processes. Irregular fine lines pattern, thick and light with texture. The imitation leather effect is simple, stylish, light and luxurious.

Cloth type: Imitation cotton velvet
Color No./Flower No. Bean Green 3P-8
Door width/m length: 160/145
Composition: 100% Poly
Specification: 58/60"*115g
Colour: Can be produced according to the customer's color
Finishing process: Dyeing, sanding, compounding, printing bronzing, flame retardant, embossing, punching, etc
Scope of application: Sofas, pillows, cushions, cushions, clothing, bags, shoe materials (inner lining, fabrics are suitable), car interiors, high-end packaging boxes, lighting materials