concrete mixer with pump


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200 Sets / Month
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Product Specifications

Concrete mixer with pump machine is one kind of concrete pump machine, it combines concrete mixer with concrete pump as one new concrete pumping machine, which can greatly improve working efficiency, saving a lot of cost, time & labor. Now it is very popular in the market. Advanced manufacturing technology is used to make perfect equipment for our customers. Power type ( electricity/diesel engine) can be chosen in your convenience.You can learn more details about specification from the following parameter table.

1, The use of advanced smooth s-valve can avoid concrete congestion efficiently.
2, Wear-resistant alloy glasses plate cutting ring ensures long service life.
3, The anti-pump function can eliminate the plugging problems is expected to keep the material for a short period of time without running the machine.
4, It has remote control function, which is convenient to operate, makeing the machine more humanization.
5, The radiator is air-cooled type, enabling the machine to work under the allowable highest temperature.
6, Concrete cylinder is made up of high wear-resistant materials, which can prolong concrete pump's service life decrease customers' maintenance cost.
7, The hopper is newly designed welded with wear-resistant 16Mn steel, the concrete in the hopper has a good flowing absorbency performance.
8, Centralized lubrication system adopts progressive distributor which supplies every lubrication point with oil in turn, the oiling time can be set. So, the oiling is accurate, the oil consumption can be saved.
9, The hydraulic system with advanced technology can guarantee pumping process more stable, which has less concrete congestion.
Small occupation, safe construction, high efficiency, low cost, less environment pollution.
Building, bridge, highway, subway railway etc.
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