High Carbon Steel Spring Wire


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

We supply high carbon spring steel wire according to EN 10270-1 or DIN 17223-1 standard, ranging from diameter 0,4 mm to 8,0 mm, for high tensile springs, clamp rings, rolled springs manufacture.

Rod Materials for manufacture of high carbon steel spring wire: 60#, 70#, 75#, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn
Wire diameter range: 0.2-12.0mm
Standard followed in producing high carbon steel spring wire: GB4357-89, DIN17223, EN 10270-1.

Packing: In coils, wrapped by gunny cloth
Transport: Loading about 20tons in one 20's container
Finish: Black ungalvanized, galvanized surface
Application: High carbon steel spring wire can be widely used for rolling various precision springs.

High Carbon Steel Wire
Ungalvanized High Carbon Steel Wire 2.6mm
High Carbon Spring Steel Wire Ungalvanized Black Oiled for Clamp Springs
Usage: For clamp making
Dimension : -0.040 (2.590mm)
Ovality : max 0.040 (0.006)
Tensile strength : 1670~1910N/mm^2 (1696)
Torsion Value(turns) : min 15 (35)
C: 0.690~0.760% (0.720%), Si: 0.150~0.350%(0.208%), Mn: 0.600~0.900%(0.679%)
P: MAX 0.030% (0.021%) S: MAX 0.030 (0.005%)
Packing: In 200kg roll

72B High Carbon Steel Wire
3.2mm high carbon steel wire for high tensile springs manufacture packed in one ton carrier coils
Size: 3.2mm
Finish: Ungalvanized or galvanized
Usage: Tensile high quality springs, Pressured springs for washing machine.
Tensile Strength : 1570~1810(N/NM^2), (1652)
C : 0.690~0.760%(ours 0.750)
Si : 0.150~0.350%(0.220), Mn : 0.600~0.900%(0.760), P : 0~0.030%(0.008), S: 0~0.030%(0.004)
Torsion value(Turns) : 35
Ovality : max 0.040(0.010)
Packing: In big coils 1 Ton carrier