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Product Specifications

Chemical Name:Poly-tert-butylphenoldisulfide and stearic acid
CAS No.:60303-68-6;
Molecular structure

Appearance:Light yellow to brown granules
Sulfur content,%:26.4-28.4
Softening Point,℃:75-95
Stearic acid, %: 9.0-11.0

YITAC 700 acts as a nitrosamine-free vulcanizing agent. It also acts as an antioxidant because of its phenolic structure. Serves as an alternative for TB7 in cases where an agent of lower softening point is required for good dispersion into a rubber compound. It offers high elastomer solubility. It forms monosulphide bridges which are more stable and have very good resistance to heat and ageing when compared with typical polysulfide bridges. It is used for polymers like rubber and in tire industry applications.

It contains active sulfur and can vulcanize rubber under heating condition. The vulcanizate has the properties of non-frosting, high tensile strength and excellent heat resistance. It can be used as sulfur donor vulcanizing agent for natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

It has a good tackifying effect between different polar rubber such as NR, CR, IIR, EPDM and obtains co-vulcanization effect.

In semi-effective and effective vulcanization system, it partially or completely substitutes sulfur, DTDM and other sulfur donors. It does not produce nitrosamine toxic gases in the vulcanization process. It is environmentally friendly additive.

It is used for tyres’ inner layer, sidewall, tread, bead filler, sealing gasket, conveyor belt, automobile rubber hose, shock absorption and so at